As its name implies, the foundation of CAR T treatment is T-cells, often called the workhorses of the immune system. In CAR T treatment, the power of these cells are harnessed and boosted to intensify the patients’ natural immune response to eradicate cancer.

Over time, advances in the intracellular engineering of CAR T cells have improved the engineered T cells’ ability to produce more T cells after infusion into the patient and survive longer in the circulation, thus making the treatment more effective.


Collecting, tagging and shipping a patient’s white blood cells to a manufacturing facility


Modifying the patients’ T-cells to recognize specific cancers and growing them up


Purifying the patients’ T-cells and shipping them back to the patients medical institution for infusion

Our CAR T Areas of Focus

Mustang Bio brings significant expertise to the development of next generation CAR T cell therapy. We are rapidly advancing a number of promising candidates designed to hit unique targets with first in class potential for both hematologic and solid tumor cancers.

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